Safety & Hygiene

The Cross Radiology aims to produce the best imaging possible with the lowest dose of Radiation. We follow a strict radiation safety management plan that helps to ensure the radiation dose to users, other persons involved in the practice, members of the public and environment are below the prescribed limits and are as low as reasonably achievable. It also helps to ensure that the number of people exposed to radiation and the likelihood of unexpected exposure to radiation are minimised.
Our management plan includes but does not limit to:
Regular compliance checks and servicing of all radiographic equipment
In-house radiation safety awareness training for all staff
Avoidance of unnecessary radiographs
Patient and procedure verification
Continual review of safety protocols

Infection Control

The Cross Radiology is committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety for our staff and patients by complying with the recognized infection control standards and procedures. Infection control measures have been implemented to reduce the incidence and risks of infection, and prevent infection transmission.
The Cross Radiology infection control procedures complies with the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010), Occupational Health and Safety legislation and/or State or Territory Health Services Infection Control Policies where relevant.
We regularly conduct risk management assessments of all diagnostic imaging procedures for potential transmission of infectious agents and provide orientation and training to all staff on infection control for all new diagnostic imaging procedures and/or changes to existing diagnostic imaging procedures.


Our infection control procedure is to ensure:
Staff are educated on infection control issues relevant to the operation of the practice.
Occupational Health and Safety Laws are adhered to at all times.
Correct procedures are followed in regard to Hand Hygiene, Safe Sharps Management, Management at blood and body fluid exposure, cleaning at equipment and the practice environment, waste management, where applicable.
Incident Reporting and Corrective Action is a documented process.

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