At The Cross Radiology, we bulk bill most examinations. This means we bill Medicare directly, and are assigned your benefit.

Private Patients

If you do not hold a Medicare card, our private rates apply to the examinations you undergo in our practice.
There are some examinations and procedures that are not bulk billed. These include (but are not limited to):
Obstetric Ultrasound: Dating
Obstetric Ultrasound: Nuchal Translucency
12-16 week Well-being/Early Morphology
Obstetric Ultrasound: 2nd Trimester Morphology
Obstetric Ultrasound: 3rd Trimester Growth
Ultrasound-guided injection/aspirations (pensioners/HCC holders are bulk billed)
Breast Core Biopsy
Breast Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy
Ultrasound: Paediatric
We may also charge for particular examinations not on the above list, if special requests are made by your doctor. Please check with us when making your appointment.
If you hold a Medicare card, a rebate will be applicable for most examinations with gap charges.
We accept EFTPOS for payments (Credit Cards and AMEX incur a 1.5% surcharge. Overseas credit cards incur a 2.4% surcharge). We do not take cash.

Worker's Compensation/Third Party

If you require a scan or procedure that is under work's compensation or third party, please inform us when making your appointment. We may have to contact your insurance company or employer.
We bill your insurance company/employer directly only if you provide us with the doctor's request form, claim number and written approval to cover costs of requested examinations.
If you do not have the written approval, you may pay for the service yourself and request reimbursement from your insurance company/employer.
For more information on our bulk billing policy or private fees, please call us on 9586 0833.

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