.Scans and Interventional Procedures

We provide the following imaging services at our practice.


- All body regions, 3 Feet Film


- Abdominal & Pelvic, Gynaecological, Breast, Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Arterial or Venous Dopplers
- Obstetric Ultrasounds: 1st Trimester Dating, Nuchal Translucency, 2nd Trimester Morphology, 3rd Trimester Growth

Computed Tomography (CT, low dose)

- Coronary Angiogram (Cardiac CT), Coronary Calcium Score, Pulmonary Vein Anatomy, Cerebral Angiogram, Peripheral Angiogram, Renal Angiogram, Pulmonary Angiogram, Dual Energy CT, CT Colonography, CT Urography, Tumour Staging, Bone Densitometry, CT Arthrogram
- Intravenous (IV) Contrast Information

Digital Mammography & 3D Tomosynthesis

Digital Dental X-Ray

- OPG, Lateral Cephalogram

Interventional Procedures

- Fine Needle & Core Biopsy, Lumbar Nerves Injection, Epidural Pain Relief, Joint, Bursa & Tendon Injections